Entrepreneurial Book Club

Every month my wife gets together with her friends for book club. Appropriately named, "Between the Wines", they have a great evening talking about the book (some) and life (a lot). In the end, it's as much an excuse to share life stories as it is to discuss the book. I think it's great.

For me, I'm passionate about reading entrepreneurial and/or inspirational books. I overwhelm my wife and my friends with the latest Guy Kawasaki book I'm reading or the biography of Theodore Roosevelt. It occurred to me that those with whom I share would have a great deal more to share if they too had read the book. So...I'm starting an entrepreneurial book club here in Keene. We'll read books like Good to Great, Art of the Start, The E-Myth Revisited, etc. It'll be a breakfast club where we share coffee and thoughts on both the books and our businesses. Really looking forward to it.

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