Jing - Killer app for screen capture...

While I was at TODCON a couple of weeks ago, one of the presenters introduced me to the Jing Project from TechSmith. Wow! What a gem that find was. There are several really very good screen capture programs for Windows (Captivate, Camtasia, etc.) and a couple for Mac (I use iShowU). However, they've always had one problem, publishing is hard.

Alright, not crazy hard but sort of like when camcorders were still used tapes instead of DVD's or other digital media. Technically you could record something and then convert it to show on a computer but it was a pain. You had to hook up your capture device to your machine and record at the right time. It was all so 1990's. :-)

Converting screen captures into something shareable is the same way with these tools. I mean Captivate, in particular, has some AMAZING tools for converting screen captures into simulations but all I really want to do is record something and share it. The Jing Project takes care of that.

With Jing turned on, I can just point to the upper right of my screen, select to record video, set the screen dimensions and away we go. It records audio too and, best of all, when I'm done, it will upload to a website automatically and give me the private url to share it with a friend. As an example, I've recorded how to us publish this article using the ScribeFire plug-in for Firefox.

Here's the sample capture. (I know it's blowing out the screen size but I didn't have time to do other stuff with it).

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