Kari and Andrea switching seats on the bus

Over the past several years, our clients have enjoyed interaction with Kari Fischer, our Support Manager. She's been a One-Woman-Army of Awesome when it comes to support management and training. As you get to know Kari, you come to realize she's all about learning new things...and getting in touch with her inner geek.

Almost two years ago, we added Andrea King to the team as our Accounting Clerk and Contracts Administrator. From the very beginning, Andrea did not hesitate to boldly go where few accounting clerks have gone before; she dove head first into learning the inner workings of development and support. It wasn't long before she began to show a deeper interest in helping out the geek team.

To allow Kari and Andrea to continue growing, it was obvious that we had to make a change. So, as of March 1, Kari passed the torch on to Andrea as our new Support Manager, and Kari will be moving into a Software Development position. We're wicked excited about the change and know that our customers will be too.

Important note for our customers: If you usually send emails directly to Kari for support, now is a good time to switch to [email protected].

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