Lucidus Going Green (finally)...

I'm not sure whether to be proud or embarrassed about this but Lucidus is joining the "Green" world. I'm proud because it demonstrates that we care about the environment and what's going on in the world. I'm a little embarrassed because it took us this long to actually step up. Regardless, it's a good thing and I'm glad my wife (Director of Finance) put it forth. Some of the things we're doing include:

  • Installation of energy efficient light bulbs
  • Purchase and use of recycling bins for paper, plastic and aluminum
  • Powering down of non-essential computers at night. (Don't worry...our web servers will still be up. :)
  • Purchase of additional plants for the office for cleaner air
  • Specifying recycled paper products for in-office use

There are a number of other ideas out there that we haven't come up with thoughts do you have to help Lucidus come up with a greener outlook?

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