"Switch"-ing for Lucidus...

So we're piloting "switch"-ing from PC's to Mac's at Lucidus. I've thought for a while about considering other operating systems and have actually tried a couple of alternative operating systems in the past. Linux on the laptop has never been successful for me. MOST everything worked great but there was always just one painful tweak or another that made it unworkable. I tried a Mac for 24 hours but was held back by our project collaboration tool at the time, Groove. We've since abandoned Groove based on the uncertainty of its integration in Microsoft Office upcoming. So...the question remains, why now? The ironic answer is Microsoft Vista led to our switch. Not because it was painful...only that based on past experience we knew it may be painful. If the upgrade would be painful, perhaps the "switch" would be less (or at least no more) painful. Why Mac? Many reasons...notably:

  • Mac's stability in terms of the Unix underpinnings. Based on past experience, new versions of Windows are unstable to say the least. We've been conditioned to reboot continually on XP for years. Our Linux servers are not nearly so unstable which gives us great confidence.
  • "It Just Works" - This one remains to be seen but so far, so good. Things just work more intuitively. I'll give examples as time marches on but a quick one would be how the Mac just senses projectors being plugged in and automatically brings up the mirrored screens. If an external monitor is plugged in (to my laptop), it senses that too and knows to not mirror the screens but extends my desktop. It's a simple thing but it adds up.

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