Content Construction Kit (CCK) Pretty Impressive At First Glance...

So I finally took the time to look at the CCK module(s). I've heard a bunch about them while researching Drupal themes and modules. (My staff always cringes when they find out I'm keeping my head in geek stuff but it's pretty much part of my A.D.D. personality). It's a pretty impressive form building application that captures data in a straight forward way. It is, by far, the easiest way to build custom "nodes" for Drupal that I have found. For me, the danger was in trying to model everything on the fly as a new content type. Two things occurred to me...

  1. There are MANY entity types that are probably better off as taxonomy terms than content types complete with additional meta data. (In my situation, it had to do with creating divisions for the website which is under development).
  2. I have a LOT to learn about Views as they relate to custom content types. I seem to get a bit lost in the Filters and wanting CCK to be a bit more advanced than it appears. Ideally, it would make the joins from node type to the next, i.e. Teams are connected to Leagues and Leagues are connected to Divisions (Teams -> Leagues -> Divisions). Therefore, I want to be able to list a team's Division in a view with the team. No go so far; perhaps too ambitious.

Regardless, I'm blown away by the capability that's in there. It won't suit custom modules like we do for tech startups but for simple things (e.g. game results submission for the website), it's VERY impressive.

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