"Meet the Robinsons" & Building dreams...

So we just got home from seeing the "Meet the Robinsons" at our local cinema; great film. It was a throwback to the imagination of Walt Disney and brought the sense of wonderment and dreaming that Disney was once known for. That seems to get lost in the world where dollars and cents (sense?) seem to rule the day. But for the hour and a half that we were in the theater time was suspended and I really enjoyed seeing the movie as a kid.

It reminded me of why I love my job. We get to build dreams. But those dreams aren't limited to our own. We get to share in the dreams of others. Whether it's SimpleTuition or Elective Medical Lending or the next tech startup out of the shoot (stay tuned), we get to build something from a thought in someone's head. How great a job is that? When SimpleTuition came in the door, they had literally powerpoints and cut up pieces of paper and, together, we crafted their dream, made it reality and they got funded as a result of it (and all the prep work they did).

We get to be creative; we get to show our talents; we get psyched about the ideas and dreams of our clients. Even when it's just a site redesign, that may be the one non-paperwork, truly creative endeavor our client gets to do this year. They get to be in the role of creator and dreamer if only for a few months. On the other hand, we get to share a new dream every week.

What's almost unfair is that every dream we help fulfill externally helps just a little bit in building my own dream, our company. I am a blessed man.

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