Our Geeks Speak! Chaz Chumley will Speak at CFUnited, Europe

I'm so excited –– once again our very talented team of developers has been recognized by our peers to be on the cutting edge of development.

Speaking geek to geek is a great way for our team to share our experiences with others, which in the end helps us all to leverage our collective experiences on a GLOBAL level.

CFUnited Europe, a Coldfusion development conference "run by developers, for developers" announced this month that Chaz Chumley, an Application Developer at Lucidus, will speak at the conference.

At Lucidus, it's part of our mission to empower people through knowledge and technology. This kind of opportunity meshes perfectly with that goal. Chaz is very active in the Coldfusion developer community and I think we're very fortunate to have him at Lucidus.

Chaz will be speaking in three conference sessions: "Dynamic Presentation using ColdFusion 8", "Creating and Consuming WebServices with ColdFusion 8" and "Atom and RSS feeds with ColdFusion 8".

According to Chaz, "Being able to share with others the knowledge you have gained is not only a privilege but a responsibility. I welcome the challenges of training and educating other developers who may be just starting out or who just want to learn new things."

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