Cedarcrest is Feeling the Lucidus Love

Holy cow! Cedarcrest Center for Children with Disabilities has given us an award! You heard right, Neil Giarratana (our distinguished president) and the rest of the Lucidus team have been awarded the 2007 Cedarcrest Center Champion Award.

Now if you really want to read the press release, please go right ahead. But here in the blog I want to take a few minutes from my own point of view to toot our horn a bit -- we deserve it! Cedarcrest says so!

Cedarcrest AwardI've been to Cedarcrest. I know I'm not alone in feeling pretty touched by seeing the kids there. It's incredible. The glow they show from being in a home with such high quality nursing and therapeutic care, living as close to a normal life as they possibly could, is unforgettable. The staff there is a special group of people and it appears to me that their programs create positive results whenever it's possible.

So how could we not give our absolute best to this project? We have this saying at Lucidus. When we've done a fantastic job and we all agree it's outstanding, we call that "Lucidus Quality". This project REALLY asked for our developers to deliver that Lucidus Quality website and for our company as a whole to go the extra mile. For those who did not work on this project, they were recruited to pick up the slack elsewhere, which was no easy task. I want to bring your attention to a few people who helped make this website a success.

Kristen and Neil, our sales and marketing team, worked closely with Cedarcrest and helped to clarify the scope of the project. Neil held a spec session with the Cedarcrest staff, which is a key part of our process and spells out exactly what that project entails and what work would be done. Neil sat down one-on-one with staffmembers at Cedarcrest to take a client survey, work up the sitemap, and make wireframes of the site. Kristen's graceful account management skill juggled other phone calls and inquiries from clients so that the developers could keep working efficiently, which helped smooth the transition to a completed site.

OK. (This part is awkward!!) I helped finalize some of the visual design and did the initial "slice and dice" programming that began to create the look and feel of the website in Joomla. I created the styles for the text and page elements, and troubleshooted some initial display issues. Now, on to the rest of the gang...

Eric, one of our awesome developers, did some amazing custom Joomla forms and programmed functionality that allows Cedarcrest to make their own updates. With Matt's assistance, they set up the Ways to Help section and created a custom form in the Donate Online Today page that allows visitors to make secure financial contributions online.

Matt also set up and configured Google Analytics for the Cedarcrest site to, as he puts it in geek-speak, "establish a baseline metric going forward", so they can track the effectiveness of their content for visitors by seeing how visitors move through the site and what they click on.

Jo, our project manager, helped to keep the developers on task and on schedule, and ensured the other "irons in the fire" were not forgotten.

Chaz and Colin were irreplaceable in helping pick up the slack on website and application development as we worked a pro-bono project. And just as important -- Devon kept systems running smoothly and Christine did an outstanding effort in accounting to keep us on course. There was more help than just this - but in a nutshell - we rocked!



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