Community Planning - How Should it Be Done?

Keene is going through a community visioning process right now to update the city's master plan. This is great and I'm thrilled that a)our municipal government would be this forward thinking and b) that so many constituent groups would get actively involved. For our part, the Chamber of Commerce is getting heavily involved with the businesses in the region to discuss what we really need.

I ran across an article in that talks about a marketing company that decided to move from Miami to Boulder, Colorado. The article itself is about the "creative culture" and that the world is "beginning to run on creativity." The interesting part for me was how the author, Alex Bogusky, describes Boulder's plan. The fathers of Boulder have planned 1% annual business growth and aren't looking for any new businesses...except for creative businesses.

Wow! For a community to actually decide what their economy should look like, manage (vs. limit) growth and pursue companies that are in line with the plan is fascinating. Kudos to Boulder. My hope is that Cheshire County, great as it is, will get this kind of focus.

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