Big Addition to the Team - Mike Hoefer

Did you ever meet someone who was just naturally a cultural match for you and your company? Someone who "got it" not because they could mold themselves for an interview, but, rather, someone who was just naturally that way? I've been talking with someone about joining Lucidus for two years and the timing finally worked out, Mike Hoefer. My great news is that Mike will be coming on board starting Monday.

To start, Mike brings with him a ton of talent and experience in the web world. He has a Masters Degree in Internet Strategy Management and has been essentially Director of Online "Stuff" for both Markem and The Hanover Group Insurance Company. He's got a ton of background in all of the consultant things we do (site mapping, storyboarding, wireframing, web marketing analysis, etc.)

What's more, he fits culturally in terms of wanting to make a difference both internal and external. Mike was the Camp Director for Camp Takodah, helping improve the lives of kids. He was heavily involved in Rotary in Keene prior to taking the job with The Hanover Group. More recently, he's been blogging for and was actually invited by the DNC to blog at the convention this summer.

While we are not a political organization as a company, we do encourage our employees to get involved with two things: 1. stuff they're passionate about and 2. stuff that will make a difference in our communities. Mike is a tremendous boost for our company.

I also want to thank Kristen Goodenough for connecting us once again with Mike. Unfortunately, Kristen will be leaving us on Friday to return to working for Markem. It's a tremendous opportunity for Kristen with a company that she has loved for many years. For those that don't know Keene, Markem is a landmark that's been around for many, many years and was named Best Place to Work in New Hampshire a few years back. They were recently acquired and merged with another company. Their new name is Markem-Imaje.

Kristen has been instrumental in our rise and has been my right hand person on the business development side. She's been invaluable to our customers and has been a bright light internally for staff. (Unfortunately for us,) her passion is in tactical marketing and that's an opportunity Markem offers that we can't. We're sad to lose her.

We wish her all the luck (and know that someday she'll return to the Lucidus family). :-)

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