Webmonkey is Back (and they Interviewed Dries about Drupal)

Back in the day (all the way back when anything with the letters .com would make you rich), Webmonkey was THE resource for web geekery. They followed the trends and even set some of them. It had great content and was actually an outgrowth of Wired! (then called HotWired!) Magazine. Unfortunately, the site succumbed to the fall of the dot-com world and disappeared for several years. Well....they're back!

Better yet. They just did an interview with Dries and Jay over at Acquia about Drupal. Interesting to hear in greater detail the origins of Drupal (it started as a multi-user, collaborative system from day one); the fact that more than 900 people contributed to the Drupal 6 core release; and that CCK is being brought into core (which hasn't been a secret but cool to see it in the mainstream world).

So far, the Webmonkey blog has produced some VERY cool items including a link to some great cheat sheets and some of their own. I'm thrilled to find it once again. Welcome back!

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