If Content is King, then <TITLE> must be God

by Matt Goodwin 07/07/2008


I have heard many people use the cliché that content is king. I agree that content is and should be king when it comes to search engine optimization. Ultimately, a site is worthless if not for the content. But if you are trying to get people to your site, and you want your site indexed properly, you'll need a fitting <TITLE>.

From the most reputable sources, it is recommended that a <TITLE> use terms to describe the page's content in less than 70 characters. I recommend that a title be formatted like so:
Keyword Terms | Company or website name
Example: Custom Drupal 6 Modules and Templates | drupalmodule.com

Note that keyword terms in the title should come before the name of the company or website. The reason for this is simple. You should always put first what is unique, varied and relevant to that page. The company or website name will be repeated – and frequently – on many pages, so tell the visitor first what makes this page different.

Do a search for "conservation internship". What do you see first? You see the title of the page as a hyperlink. That's the first thing that a user would see and, like people, search engine crawlers put a great deal of faith in a title. Whether we like it or not, we tend to judge books by their cover. It's the first thing you see and the first impression is the most important one.

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