Lucidus is going VIRTUAL!

I'm proud to announce that Lucidus is going virtual. What that means is that effective December 1st, we have empowered all of our employees to work "remotely", i.e. from home.

Since 2006, we've had staff working from home in different parts of the country. For the past six months, half our staff has worked from home full time and the rest have worked from home at least 20% of the time. It wasn't easy at first; we had to learn (and create) best practices for making everyone feel part of the team. We've worked hard to become experts in working as remote teams, leveraging the best of web technology to stay "connected" all day long.

Our folks have come to rave about the freedom (and focus) of working from home. The proof is in the results. We're turning out our best web projects ever, have reduced our resolution times on tickets to an all-time low and are enjoying our best year since 2006.

Of course our deep, long-standing relationship with our marketing partner, Communicators Group, will continue. We’ll have a presence with them at 9 Church Street in Keene for collaboration on projects, meetings, etc. I guess that makes us mostly virtual.

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