Saving the planet (with ColdFusion) is just part of the job

So we've been the primary web partner for the Student Conservation Association (SCA) since just after we spun off of IniNet back in late 2002. For me, working with them has been a point of great pride. It resonates with me on two fronts...1) they are mission driven and 2) they work with young people to help prepare them for life. They put (mostly) college interns and high school volunteers out into parks across the country to "serve the land." That is, they do things to make the parks better and they've been doing it since 1957. They were green before being green was cool.

Over the years I've observed something that always bothered them. They were a group bent on preserving our earth yet realized that printing ungodly amounts of paper was a necessary evil to putting better than 4000 students into the field each year. In fact, more than 25,000 documents needed to be printed, signed and tracked each year. That's a lot of paper.

This year we embarked upon an ambitious plan to minimize, if not eliminate, that paper. This year we implemented an e-signature system into their web-based student tracking system called MAX. Built on a ColdFusion (CF) foundation, MAX is the central repository of all SCA's internship and volunteer positions that matched students with needs nationwide. It tracks everything from intern requisitions to paycards to name tags for uniforms. Back in 2005, it completely transformed SCA's means of doing business. The best part of choosing CF as the application platform? It's able to grow with their needs change. In this case, we empowered SCA to better pursue its mission by making the volunteer/intern selection process paperless.

Admittedly we do most of our applications in Drupal these days but we still have ColdFusion expertise on staff just so we can do cool projects like this. We continue to be proud to call SCA our clients (and our friends) and we're glad they let us take part in supporting their mission.

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