Pretty Good Day at the GKCC Mini-Expo...

I'm on the board for the Greater Keene Chamber of Commerce and, more specifically, on the Business-2-Business Committee. Our committee was charged with starting mini-expos, half day events that focus on a particular business topic. This past month we did Managing Your Business to Success. The sessions were informative (though not well attended due to some traffic issues we're seeing in Keene these, I'm serious. Traffic issues essentially shut down little old Keene for the day).

I moderated a panel on customer service. The panel included Gary Cronin of PSNH, Ted McGreer of Ted's Shoe & Sport and Rob Phillips of Computer Solutions of Keene. All three companies are recognized by people at the Chamber as great examples of customer focused companies. My take aways from that session (which I really value):

  • Gary Cronin on one thing he believes is critical to great customer service: Honor your commitments. If you tell a customer that you're going to hit a certain deadline, hit it! If you can't, communicate that early.
  • Ted McGreer - TLC = Think Like the Customer. At Ted's, they have monthy meetings and talk about great customer service experiences either in the store or in the community. Great stuff.
  • Rob Phillips - You have to be honest with customers and sometimes you have to part ways if the fit isn't right with the customer.

We also had a booth at the show. The picture is of Kristen Goodenough, our Account Manager. She did a great job at the booth, making connections with all the other vendors (she even won a contest) as well as attendees. (Meanwhile I was thumb wrestling with Jay Pettapiece of Vision Financial in a time management session).

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