Why the FairPoint Deal Is Important to Rural New Hampshire

We need ubiquitous broadband to every household in New Hampshire. I'm not certain that FairPoint is the company that can get it done. That remains to be seen. However, I am certain that the economics of rural broadband didn't make sense to Verizon.

We need ubiquitous broadband for several reasons:

  • While the businesses and residents of Keene have easy access to high speed, always-on Internet access, the folks who live in surrounding towns have inconsistent coverage. The majority of workers live in the surrounding towns. Try recruiting a new executive when you can't guarantee he can find a home that has broadband.

  • In urban and suburban areas, multiple broadband options are available to everyone. High speed Internet access is as assumed in a home as running water and electricity. This creates an image problem.

The good news is that in typical Keene form, the leaders of the community are once again coming together and creating real momentum to solving this problem. We are not a community that waits for handouts from state or federal government. We step up and get it done for the betterment of everyone. We are so fortunate to have groups like Cheshire Medical Center, Keene State College, etc. who are so invested in the success of the community. Even better, they're just the tip of the iceberg.

The Monadnock Broadband Committee, a committee of the City of Keene, brings together municipal government, educational institutions, business and some really great geeks to move this initiative forward. Good stuff...

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